ILO’s Special Tripartite Committee
August 8, 2022
A Practical Approach in Marine Engineering
February 27, 2024
Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and to create memories that last forever. There was a day in mid-December when already, not long after lunch, the sky draws down so far that every reflected thing is shadowed, spectral rows of city project buildings, followed by chilled weather with the scatter of rain drops. On 09th December 2023, the festival of Christmas was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at Grand Monarch Hotel, Thalawathugoda. The whole venue was adorned with Christmas decororations- the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and folks dressed colorfully added to the merry spirit of Christmas.

The students shared the background of the existence of Santa Claus. A special assembly showcasing Nativity was put up by the students of IET Marine Katunyake.


Santa’s entry made the little children happy and excited during the assembly while Santa Claus distributed sweets to the children .


It was a successful meeting as the members were seen in top spirits (with the presence of Master mariners) sharing past experiences, reminiscing on old sea time tales , incidences and fun times spent at Sea.


Family is not an important thing. It's everything....

It was a pleasant evening, with loads of laughter, and banter as many members and their loved one's faces had not been seen for many years