Crankshaft and bearing failures ,repairs , rectification and prevention
February 5, 2022
Engineering Council (UK) directives for CEng. Registration
February 19, 2022
Our first social gathering / beer evening after the Covid Restrictions was held at same venue CAPRI CLUB right after the lecture presentation. Thirty-One (31) members attended the event. It was a successful meeting as the members were seen in top spirits (pun intended) mingling and sharing past experiences and reminiscing on old sea dog tales and incidences and fun times spent at Sea. It was a pleasant evening, with loads of laughter, and banter as many faces had not been seen for many years. Older SOCEM members were still recognizable even with hair turning gray and balding even although the gaiety and laughter was still young at heart. The old sea dogs exchanged stories with the young, while guzzling loads of beer. Members Re-living the old days we spent at sea and reminiscing on specific memorable incidences and our naughty successful and unsuccessful episodes and sharing the camaraderie and brotherhood of the sea. The bonding was fantabulous and SUPERFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIAS and a fun time was had by all the attendees with many requests for more. Commiserations for those who missed this event. Don’t despair there will be more in the Future.
  • 20 January 2022 Social gathering / beer evening