Change of committee office bearers prior end of tenure
February 28, 2022
New regulations for Australian ports
March 13, 2022

The Much publicized ËXPRESS PEARL DISASTER caused much speculation in Sri Lanka especially among Maritime Community. The General impression was that these aftereffects could have been mitigated if certain areas had been handled in an alternate manner. It was the opinion of the general public that the authorities & officials lacked sufficient knowledge on how to mitigate an incident of this nature.

SOCEM in implementing its policies and Mission, offered its services and knowledge free of charge to the Government of Sri Lanka by proposing mitigation measures to avert further disasters of this nature. SOCEM Proposals were collated by a Team of experts in the field of Maritime Science and with International Knowledge in similar accidents and Mitigation measures implemented by International Communities and Tried and Tested initiatives. One Land, One Country, One People. Let’s Join hands to build Sri Lanka’s maritime services to world class standards and save lives in the Process.