Social gathering / Beer evening
February 6, 2022
Continuous professional development ( cpd )
February 21, 2022

Assessors are required to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate candidate possess the following competencies

  1. Responsibility for financial and planning of project.
  2. Leadership, development, mentoring and coaching of staff.
  3. Demonstration of safety and sustainability implications.
  4. Demonstration of sound theoretical approach in what they do.
  5. Evidence for developing technological solutions to unusual or challenging problems.
  6. Active roles in project management.
  7. Research based design, development and analysis in carrying out engineering tasks.
  8. Evidence for carrying out significant engineering tasks to demonstrate budgetary and resource control.
  9. Awareness of diversity and inclusion issues.
  10. Principals of sustainable development and applying them in their work.
  11. Evidence for carrying out their responsibilities in ethical manner

Any candidate applying for CEng. Registration need to satisfy the above requirement.