Apprenticeship to Junior Engineer 1966 – 1970
November 28, 2021
Social gathering / Beer evening
February 6, 2022
20th January in the year two thousand and twenty-two (2022) saw our first lecture presentation after the covid 19 restrictions. SOCEM members responded in their numbers and 31 members together with 12 students of marine colleges attended. The subject was “CRANKSHAFT AND BEARING FAILURES, REPAIRS, RECTIFICATION AND PREVENTION’ by our very own Chairman / President Thushara Fernando. There was profound enthusiasm during the Presentation and Question time the presentation having tickled many doubts and what if’s being a very interesting subject. Feedback on the presentation was that that the information gathered was very useful and important for the fact that most of the members even with a surfeit of experience had not and will not have hands on knowledge of this area of expertise as crankshaft failures are rare and few. The students were ecstatic as they were provided with unapparelled knowledge on the subject. They were also provided with a chance to touch base with the best class one chief engineers of yesteryear and gather the Modern knowledge of the younger Chief Engineers with hands on information on the advancements in the maritime industry. Much information was seen exchanged between cadets and members. The youngsters being given advise on how to survive at sea and advanced Marine engineering knowledge not limited to Engineering but other perils faced during life at sea. . A good time was spent by all with many requests for repeats of this nature as often as possible. Our Secretary Mr. Leel Seneviratne gave the Vote of thanks. A token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Fernando By Mr. Maithri Mendis for the Valuable presentation which was much appreciated by all.
  • 20 January 2022 Crankshaft and bearing failures ,repairs , rectification and prevention


Crankshaft and bearing failure presentation