Continuous professional development ( cpd )
February 21, 2022
Express pearl disaster
March 5, 2022

President Mr. Thushara Fernando

Mr. Thushara Ferando submitted his resignation as the Chairman / President. The reason sited was work commitments requiring him to travel and locate overseas. The committee on considering his request for resignation, thanked him profusely for the yeoman service provided by him during his tenure as the President, & wished him all the Best and Good Luck for his future endeavors. Mr. Fernando remains in the Committee as Immediate Past President.

Treasurer Mr. Maithri Mendis

The Incumbent treasurer Mr. Maithri Mendis was proposed and appointed as the new Chairman / President for the rest of the year by the unanimous vote of the committee.

New Treasurer Mr. Ranjith Gunawardena

Mr. Ranjith Gunawardena , who has been a SOCEM Treasurer on previous occasions , was Invited to serve as the Treasurer for the rest of the Period 2021/2022. Mr. Gunawardena brings with him a vast experience in managing the SOCEM funds. He thanked profusely by the committee for accepting the office in spite of his other busy activities and Welcomed by Unanimous Vote. Thank You Mr. Gunawardena.

We wish the SOCEM TEAM awesome all the best.