Life is like the ocean.

Waves will try to knock you down and push you back to where you started but once you fight through them, the entire ocean is


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We Create Sailors


Most of us left our homes as teenagers for an unknown adventure. We said goodbye to friends and family and everything we knew. We learned the basics of life at sea and then was scattered in the wind to the far corners of the Earth. We found new friends and new family. Fellow Sailors and we became brothers regardless of colour, creed or race. We had plenty of good times, and a surfeit of plenty of bad times too.

Long ago I was a Sailor, I sailed the Ocean Blue
I knew the Bars of Singapore, and the Coastline of Peru,
I knew the sting of the salty spray, The Taste of Spanish wine,
The Beauty of the Orient, yes, all these things were Mine,
But I wear a Different hat Now, Jeans and Tee Shirt Too,
My sailing days were long ago. With that Life I am Through,

But somewhere deep inside me, The Sailor Lives there still,
Longing to go to sea again, But Knows I Never Will.
My Love, my live is here at Home, And I will leave not our shore,

Though my Mind and Body Stays ashore, My Hearts at sea for More.


Executive Committee Members

Maithri Mendis



Thushara Fernando

Immediate Past President


Leel Seneviratne



Ranjith Gunawardane



Thusantha Peris

Vice President - 1


Chamindra Silva

Vice President - 2


Lakshan Disanayake

Asst. Secretary


Prabuddha Jayaweera

Asst. Treasurer


Saman A. Kumarasinghe

Committee Member 1


Charaka Wickramanayake

Committee Member 2


M.A.D.W.L. Weerasinghe

Committee Member - 3


Athula Haputhantri

Committee Member - 4


S.W Kariyawasam

Internal Auditor


A Seafarer, I am

A Poem forwarded by a Seafarer.

Just like the secret service
Nobody knows me
Nobody knows my work
Nobody knows my fears
Nobody knows the risk
Nobody knows my worth
Nobody understands my sacrifice.
Who am I? A Seafarer, I am

When i miss home
I feel cheated because of my career
I feel isolated because of my Job
I feel lonely because of my location
But one thing is sure, the job must be done
Am I a superhuman? No
Who am I? A Seafarer, I am

My work speaks for me
My sacrifice gives hope to world
My sadness brings joy to nations
My lonely world brighten your busy world
My joy is knowing that you are happy
Am not an entertainer,
A seafarer, I am

If no one praises me
If no one claps for me
If i don't make headlines on the news
I strongly know that I am a key essential worker
I am strong
I am a hero
I am a warrior
A seafarer, I am.